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TD5 engine conversion

Postby Wolfie » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:51 pm

Evening all, just seeing if anyone has ever dropped a TD5 into a LWT, if not why not ? and what are the best diesel conversions to do, i see people have used 200 and 300 TDI, but is there any other engines people have used
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Re: TD5 engine conversion

Postby AR4412 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 10:40 am

There are a few issues to dropping in a Td5 lump, I wouldn't say it is impossible, but there are a few things to think about. First off, will the lump fit in the space available without surgery? It should do, depending on what transmission would be used? I'm not aware of anyone having made an adaptor to mate a Td5 to a Series box though, so your options may be a bit limited. The Td5 clutch is almost 40mm larger than that on a Series. The Td5 bellhousing is massive, due to clutch/flywheel diameter and gearbox input shaft length, its about 15" long where the Series bellhousing is only about 5" long, add 3" for the flywheel housing, and you're still looking at twice the length. The engine lengths are pretty similar at around 30" including the fan. (Rough guess by eyeballing.) If you fit a Td5/R380 the engine/transmission will have to go forwards or backwards depending on where you could live with the gearlever sitting as it will probably come up under the seatbox front edge. This leads to propshaft length/bulkhead/radiator and possibly front diff/sump clearance issues.

What type of intercooler would you fit, and where would you mount it?

What fuel pump would you use. You would need one that could supply a constant 4.0 bar (60 psi) minimum.

You would need to mock up a resevoir to feed the power steering pump, you can't remove it as it is driven by the belt and it also drives the coolant pump which is driven by a 'dog' on the back, and if run without an oil feed it won't last long.

You would need to fabricate your own exhaust system.

You would need to grab the Td5 coolant hoses, as the thermostat lives in the them, or at the very least get a Td5 thermostat, and if keeping the Series radiator you'll need to up the cap to one around 20 psi.

Now the real fun, the electrics. You would need the ECU, and for ease, the wiring loom. You will also need the ambient air pressure sensor, mass air flow sensor, so grab the airbox and trunking, the inertia (crash) switch, clutch pedal position switch, transfer box high/lo switch (although this can be bypassed), the coolant guage, and the throttle pedal from the same car as the ECU as it could be a 'two track' or 'three track' pedal depending on age. Best grab the immobilzer too or the engine won't fire up, but I'm sure you can bush bypass the 10AS system. You will need the OBDII diagnostics socket and to fit an LED/bulb for the glowplug warning and malfunction indicator lamps of you want these functions to work.

Have I put you off yet? :D

So much easier to fit a Tdi lump, or keep it 2 1/4.

(Appologies if you are familiar with the Td5, no egg sucking intended.)

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Re: TD5 engine conversion

Postby Wolfie » Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:18 am

hi, thanks for your reply, not put off at all, only i know of a complete TD5 disco so would have access to all parts, would use all the running gear etc with the auto box :-)

so it was only a thought anyway, but seriously considering the TDI route, 2 or 300 not sure, what is the best way forward in your opinion , would have preferred an auto box ( i have one sitting in garage and would like to use it ) but if i go auto route then guessing the LWT axles will not cope, so again more expense changing running gear etc, are there any other alternate engines people have used ? open to suggestion at this planning stage, (still like V8 burble)
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Re: TD5 engine conversion

Postby blueleggy » Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:50 pm

Don't know if there would be an issue with the length of the engine. My 300tdi just fits in with the fan removed. Not heard of a TD5 conversion but they are good engines, powerful though so would have to upgrade gearbox etc.

Other common conversions are the Rover V8 and Ford 2.8 / 3.0L.


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Re: TD5 engine conversion

Postby FrogPart » Fri Mar 30, 2018 2:46 pm

TD5 I knew somebody who had one from new ISTR the only problem he had was quite common - the ECU mounted under seatbase , water entry & they often were re-positioned. It seemed common to all - his the paint fell off his PUMA chassis within 6 months. I caught him doing a proper job with a tin of Hammerite smooth finish satin , quite £rap glob but it was still on after 3 years.,

You should have been put off by now , all I can add is that they are a variant of the Mondeo Duratorq Tdci - so I can assume the same applies. In a heavyish motor like the Mondeo - you got a fantastic mpg , and at the time you could get a Vauxhall or Ford diesel for same £ as a petrol (gov. was pushing diesels then). The fuel savings over petrol brought the total running costs well down over petrol, however :) ran so well at 100,000 miles , nil oil consumption - you were led to believe this was a engine that would turn 200,000 miles - no probs. Wrong - it seemed common , fuel pump wear die to DERV lacking lubricity , fine crap causing havoc to injectors. Serious £ bills , fuel tank off for flush , lines flush , recon inject pump , recon injectors. I will not go into the injectors - but you can't just pull them and swop them - much more to it. Turbo actuator boost (electronic box) - seemed problematical. However so many good Mondeo were being scrapped - you could pick up a good warrented turbo complete for abt. £200. The re-worked actuator boxes - nfu , my son's Mondeo - I got sucked in - and purchased a turbo complete off a scrappy any just used the actuator(that he should have done).

Needless to say - this Mondeo is more or less mine :lol: I parked it up 3 years as I had no use , 6 monthly engine run up to past red line, battery trickle charged. Then last summer I decided to go around the brakes - I noticed a spring fractured and the break was fresh :shock: just with jacking. Just brake testing and trolley jacking on the drive - believe it or not - all the remaining springs fractured in front of my eyes - fresh breaks. All I can think is the steel somehow does the final fatigue break from rusting , where-as if kept running & spring working they last longer. Action replay on son's cast-off Focus petrol (fantastic engine & gearbox) , he purchased a diesel Focus off his mate's old man abt. 1 year ago. This is the older traditional Ford diesel = in any case I know sfa bout Fords that I can admit to :)
And I thought it was a thermostat !
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Re: TD5 engine conversion

Postby Snagger » Thu May 24, 2018 11:02 am

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't fit a TD5 and an R380 or ZF4HP24 (the only two boxes they were mated to) into the Lightweight without moving the rad panel all the way forward and having an impractically short rear prop shaft. Much better to go Tdi with the Series or later transmission, but a long LT77, standard R380 or ZF would still be a very tight squeeze with standard body.
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