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Radio...thingies available

Postby Mats_A » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:28 pm

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radiobox 1-mindre.jpg
I am restoring a very rusty LTW FFR -75. Since I am not restoring the car to its military origin I won't have any need for the radio boxes in the back. Is there any intererest in them? A problem is how to disconnect the coarse cables without destroying them. I've learned that you need a special wrench to loosen them.

Thusly: two questions:

Q1: Is there any interest or value in these... well, what does one call them... radio boxes?

Q2: Is there a way to loosen the cables without the wrench and without damaging them?
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Re: Radio...thingies available

Postby fv1620 » Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:34 am

These things are not really radio boxes, they are essential parts of the 24v charging system.

The box with with the two large connectors is Generator Panel No.9 probably Mk 3. It contains a regulator to control the voltage of the alternator (Generator No.10 probably Mk 2 or Mk 3). It also encloses a relay that switches the generator output to both the vehicle & radio batteries.

The connectors are probably gummed up with paint but the large outer ring should unscrew if you turn them anticlockwise with some large parallel jawed pliers. Then they should unplug.

The other box with three not so large connectors contains the two shunts for two ammeters that are on the dash. It also acts as a junction box for distributing the power output from the Generator Panel & the supply to the ignition warning light.

Theses three connectors are not plugs but shrouds for the various inner cables & do not unplug when they are unscrewed. This box has two terminals for radio batteries & also feeds a smaller power socket from the radio batteries.

All these boxes have value & also the cable harness is valuable. But they have more value attached to the vehicle. Although it is your vehicle & you may do whatever you like with it. Unless you are going to keep it until you die there will come a time when you sell it. If you sell it complete with its original charging system it is vehicle a military vehicle enthusiast may want to restore, if you have removed all this then you have reduced the value because it will have a smaller market.

A vehicle with a complete 24v charging system is becoming increasingly rarer as there become fewer of them because the 24v system gets ripped out. If your 24v system is working it might be worth leaving it intact to enhance the long term value of your vehicle.

If it no longer works there are articles explaining how to test & make repairs. But if you do go ahead & dismantle it all, try to keep the harnesses intact as they have as much value as the Generator Panel.
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Re: Radio...thingies available

Postby FrogPart » Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:54 pm

Q2. Special "Flare-Nut" spanners must be available , however I have not come across any.

The fine threads tend to bind up with £rud entering. Light chip the paint off & soak some penetrating oil in over a few days. Avoid the use of Stillson, Vice-Grip & Water-Pump Pliers :) Try and get a bit of movement going with a 1lb hammer & a bit of hardwood or aluminium drift, then turn them off by hand.

If you were going to often be on with these flexibles, Then I suggest get some 6mm gauge plate , Blue Peter apprentice test-piece style - using a nut you have already removed :) as pattern - mark off and spend abt. 1 hour hacksawing & filing to make you own close fitting Flare-nut spanner(s) , abt. 9" long, you can always pit a pipe extender on :lol: .
And I thought it was a thermostat !
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